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If you've always wanted to work in radio, maybe host a radio show, work in engineering, assist with underwriting or public service, or somehow see yourself as a part of WDNP "DNP 102.3", we need you!


Whether you're a youngster or in your "golden years", there's a place for you here.  Younger kids with a desire to work in radio (with mom or dad's permission and supervision), high schoolers, or any adult are welcome to get involved with the station.   The station is a non-profit, non-commercial station.


Some jobs include on-air DJ or radio announcer, talk show hosts, remote broadcasters, sports announcers, underwriting sales people, public service announcement writers, on-air production people, office help, engineers (radio, electronic, and I.T.), and other possibilities.  


If you're interested in volunteering, go to our contact page (via the "more" tab above) and contact us.


WDNP Studio & Offices located at 123 West Third street, Suite 201 in Dover

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