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Listener Support Levels


DNP 102.3 is supported completely by listeners and underwriters.  We need your help to get on-the-air and remain there.  There a various levels of listener support which can fit any budget.  From a Radio Friend to a Major Donor, all levels of support keep us on the air.

"Radio Friend"                                          $10


This is our entry level supporter.. but one which is greatly appreciated.  Every contribution helps towards defraying the costs associated with a non-profit, non-commercial radio station.  The more "Radio Friends" we have, the more "votes" we have that our programming, music, and station (in general) are appreciated by you and the community.  We don't subscribe to radio station ratings services, so part of how we measure our success is based on your kindness through donations.

"Station Supporter"                                  $60


Our second level of donation is called our Station Supporter.  With a donation that equates to $5 per month, you contribution shows your support and equates to about a week of our 52 weeks of music licensing fees.  With 52 Station Supporters, the fees we pay for the rights to play music (which ultimately goes to the music composers and musicians) is covered for the year. 

"Founding Member"                                $100


This level of support is our second highest and makes a significant impact to our operating expenses.  It's through our Founding Member's generous support that we're able to pay our phone bill and internet service.  Having a phone and internet isn't a luxury but a requirement for any radio station, and with 24 individuals or families making this donation each year, we cover this expense.

"Major Donor"                                       $250+



Though all donations are appreciated, the highest level of donor is our Major Donor.  Through your generousity, this level of donation can help defray major costs such a electric, station rent, and addition equipment purchases which can increase the amount and variety of station programming.

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