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This map indicates the signal coverage of WDNP.  The green are the areas the station should reach with good coverage.  The yellow are our shadow areas or areas of potential coverage.  Areas not green or yellow are not expected to receive the station.


About WDPE "DNP 102.3"



WDNP is a low-power, non-commercial, educational FM radio station licensed to Dover - New Philadelphia, Ohio.  A construction permit was issued by the Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.) for Dover - New Philadelphia Educational Broadcasting to build and launch this station, and the station launched July 13, 2015.


Our mission is two-fold:   To offer individuals of any age the opportunity to participate on-the-air or behind the scenes in radio, and to serve as the voice of all the other non-profit groups in the area in need to passing along information or fund raising for their groups.


Though WDNP is non-commercial, we will have underwriting announcements which will be used to keep the station operational (music licensing and all expenditures related to running the station).  We estimate our yearly operational costs will be about $50,000 per year.


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