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WDNP "DNP 102.3" is a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-commercial radio station.  This means we never run commercials, yet we still have associated costs with operating a radio station.   The F.C.C. allows non-commercial stations to run Underwriting Announcements.  The difference between a commercial and an underwriting annoucements are the following:


No unsubstantiated claims like "the best in town" or "no one beats our deals", but can include slogans and claims that ARE substantiated.  A substantiated claim could include "Voted best dealer in the Bargain Hunter's reader poll 2013 and 2014" or "The county's Ford dealer since 1947".


No pricing or numbers related to cost or discount. 


No calls to action.   The underwriting announcement can't tell a listener to "call today" or "go visit them" or "go to their web site.   But the announcement can give underwriter's phone number, address, and web site.  It just can make the suggestion that the listener do something.


"DNP 102.3" will limit our underwriting announcements to four or five per hour (less than 3 minutes worth of underwriter recognition in any hour).  In comparison, commercial radio stations are allowed up to 21 minutes worth of commercials per hour.


In addition to the announcements, we'll recognize our underwriters on this page with their logo (below) which will provide a link to the underwriter's own web site.


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