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Underwriter Levels


DNP 102.3 is non-profit and non-commercial, but we are capable of airing underwriting announcements.  These are simlar to commercials in the sence that they can help promote a businesses identity and brand... and do so very effectively.  Unlike a commercial, they can not list prices, have "calls to action", or include "unsubstantiated claims".   All underwriting fees are payable in advance and non-refundable.  

*Underwriting Information


Note that the total count of initial underwriters announcements for first year of launch will not exceed the 76 positions available for announcements per day (only announcement run between 6am to 1am are counted. Additional announcements will run between 1am and 6am, but are not counter towards total.


As DNP 102.3 is a non-profit organization, underwriting is limited to a select number of underwriters.  To limit programming interruptions and to simply cover the stations expenses and to comply with rules governing non-profit radio stations, there can be no more than 20 underwriters (businesses/organizations) at the present time.  


Specific Information:


Underwriting announcements are limited to two per half hour and scheduled during all dayparts from 6am to 1am on a rotating basis. Underwriters will receive equal rotation between daytime and nighttime programming. No underwriting announcements aired between 1am and 6am are included in the "air count" for the underwriter.. though underwriting announcements will air during this time. These are simply considered a "bonus" when aired during this time. This means there is a total of less than 100 underwriting announcement positions per day (max). Specialty programming or special events will be excluded from rotated underwriting or may have additional underwriting.


WDNP will accept about 20 regular underwriters per month. Additional underwriting opportunities may exist for special programming. No additional regular underwriting opportunities will be available once these positions are taken (underwriting is very limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Each underwriter’s announcement will be between :20 and :30 seconds (no longer). By FCC regulation of non-commercial radio stations, underwriter’s announcements can not contain pricing(1), unsubstantiated claims(2), or calls to action(3).


Each underwriter’s announcement will rotate equally with all other announcements 24/7 throughout all regular programming (less any community time**), though as mentioned, those run between 1am and 6am are not counted towards total.


There will be two breaks for underwriter’s announcements per regularly programmed half hour (this does not include leased time, special programming or features, or special events like sports). Each break will include one station promotional announcement, two to three underwriter’s announcements, and one public service announcement (WDNP reserves the right to modify this at as necessary at a later time).


All underwriter’s announcements are pre-paid (no billing) and discounts of 10% will be applied for longer support terms. Underwriting is non-refundable.


For special events or sporting events where additional breaks are included, DNP 102.3 will accept up to 12 additional underwriters for these events. Their underwriting announcements will rotate evenly with WDNP’s regular underwriters. The underwriting rate for special events will vary at $50 per event and include up to five announcements in this programming.



Underwriting Rules:

  • No Prices – DNP 102.3 can not announce any prices or discount percentages.

  • Unsubstantiated Claims – Wording like “we're the best”, “no one sells for less”, “#1 dealer in the county”, etc. can not be said in announcements. Substantiated claims like “In business for over 25 years”, or “Voted #1 in the Times-Reporter's reader poll” can be made, but again, all claims must be true and substantiated.

  • Calls To Action- Underwriting announcements can not contain wording like “go to”, “call them today”, “call us now”, “be sure to stop by”, etc. These announcements can includes physical addresses, web sites, phone numbers, etc., but without the working that tells the listeners to “go to”, “visit”, “call now” (as described above).

  • Additionally, any announcement run on a commercial station is very likely to be unusable on DNP 102.3 as these generally include the above three items.


**Community Time – DNP102.3 may allow up to two hours per week and an additional two hours per year for religious services. Typically these will be Sunday morning in conjunction with local churches for live broadcasts of their services. Regular underwriting announcements scheduled during this time may be preempted or run prior to or post of the church service.


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